Rare and Vintage Computer Collection

Despite the significant risks to both my wallet and my mental health, I do maintain a "small" collection of rare, vintage, and/or interesting computers and some associated equipment.

There is little common ground in this collection- some are quite old; some are rather recent; some were home use systems; some were enterprise workhorses.  All are fascinating to me for one reason or another- most often because they are emblematic of a particular era and market.

Apple systems:

  • 1987: Macintosh II
    • Original keyboard and mouse
    • Original CRT
    • ImageWriter II LQ
    • No hard drive, otherwise in working order

  • 1993: Macintosh Quadra 650 (8MiB on-board)
    • Original keyboard and mouse

  • 1997: Power Macintosh G3 (beige, outrigger) **
    • No hard drive, otherwise in working order

  • 2002: iBook G3 (Late 2002) **

  • 2004: PowerBook G4 (Aluminum, Late 2004)
    • Original charger

  • 2005: Power Mac G5 (Late 2005, Quad-Core)
    • Complete pain in the a** when something does go wrong, but it is fully working at the moment...

DEC / Compaq / HP Systems:

  • 1987: MicroVAX 3100 (Teammate II, model 10e)
    • Used with a [much later] VT420
    • Holds the honors both of being the oldest system that I own- having beaten the Mac II above by a couple of months according to serial numbers- and of being "hands-down" the easiest one to maintain and repair!

  • 1995: AlphaStation 250 4/266

  • 2000: Integrity BladeSystem BL860

  • 2002: Integrity RX2600

IBM Systems:

  • 1996: RS/6000 Model 43P-140
    • Face plate "roughed up" during shipment, reset button damaged, otherwise fully operational

Sun Systems:

  • 1998: Sun Ultra 5
    • Original keyboard and mouse
    • Failed CMOS battery, damaged CPU fan, damaged PCI riser, but will boot

  • 2000: Sun Blade 1000 **
    • Original keyboard and mouse
    • Upgraded to "unsupported but working" dual 1.2GHz USIIICu CPUs

  • 2007: Sun Fire T1000

Links with more details and photos will appear with each item at some undetermined future date.

NOTES: information in parentheses below provides clarification on models, where notably different systems or configurations shared a single marketing name.  An item marked with double-asterisks " ** " indicates that the item is, strictly speaking, the property of my employer, and is authorized for my indefinite use.  This generally means that the item was rescued from a surplus pile.  All items are in working order, and capable of booting into an operating system and of normal operation, unless specifically indicated otherwise.