27 January 2015

Geeks vs. Normal People

Geeks react very differently to normal, sane people in some very important ways.  Use this handy guide to help you distinguish the two categories...

It's your first day on a new job, and you have no idea what to expect.  You sit down at your desk, and the computer screen looks like this:

"This is going to be awesome!  Let's get some real work done."

Normal Person:
*goes bug-eyed* ... "I think it's broken."

The latest fruity gadget was just announced at WWDC:

Normal Person:
"That looks nifty.  When can I start using it?"

"Great- another way that tens of thousands of people can have personal info stolen."

A [senior] relative offers to give you this laptop from the basement:


"Wow that's awesome!  You're serious- I can have it?  I wonder if I can put OS/2 on it..."

Normal Person:
"Yeah, um... no thanks, I'm good."

You suggest that you and your buddy watch a movie:

Normal Person:
"Sure!  I saw this great preview on Netflix for one..."

"Okay, let me fire up XBMC and you can browse the collection.  If there's nothing in there you like we can always torrent something."

The summary: geeks are special people, with special needs.  If you decide to befriend or fall in love with one, you had better a) be one yourself, or b) mentally prepare for the incessant stream of odd behavior.  Don't ever assume that anything will be normal.

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